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Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TPCA) Protects Cell Phone Users from Mistaken Debt Collection Calls

We know how disrupting getting robocalls from on your new cell phone number from debt collectors about someone else’s debt can be!  You’ve worked hard to pay your debts, and even added your number to the Do Not Call List, but still you receive calls accusing you of lying about your own identity!

Fortunately, the TCPA states that every call made to your mobile number that you did not expressly consent to receive is a legal violation worth $500, including mistaken debt collection calls. If you’ve have told the debt collector or telemarketer that they are calling the wrong number, any they continue to call you, each violation is worth $1,500.  This law also applies if you are receiving calls about debts you may owe, but that you incurred before obtaining your current cell phone number.

If you are receiving these calls, and you live in Oklahoma, you should record your conversation when you tell them they are calling the wrong number or that the person they are calling no longer has this number.  If you know the person they are calling for, and they ask, you should tell them that you know that person, but you do not have to give the caller information about that person.  A debt collector may only call you one time in order to obtain location information about an individual consumer.  A recording of you asking them not to call you again provides evidence that they do not have your consent to call your number.

Paramount Law Debt Collection Lawyer in Tulsa

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In Oklahoma, like many states, it is legal to record your own conversations without telling the other party. To easily do this, use speakerphone and a tape recorder, or use an app like Call Trunk. Unanswered or “ignored” mobile calls, while no less disrupting, will not show up on your phone bill. Therefore, be sure to take pictures or screenshots of your caller ID and log all calls that you receive. Each of those calls could be worth $500 – $1,500!

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