Service Members SCRA Repossession

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)


Was your car repossessed while serving our great country?  If so, it may have been illegal without a Court Order!

If you entered into a loan secured by personal property (auto, boat, RV, etc.) before you started active duty or while active duty, you have certain protections against repossession of that property in the event of a default on the loan.


Lenders Must have a Court Order to Repo A Vehicle from a Service Member


The SCRA provides that a creditor cannot repossess your property while you are on active duty without first getting a court order. This means that a lender cannot repo your car before they first convince a judge to issue a court order allowing the repossession given that you are on active duty.


Was your Car Repo’d While On Active Duty?


We are now seeking Service Members whose car was Repossessed for inclusion in a class action lawsuit. Under the SCRA, you can ask for actual damages and/or punitive damages if the lender violated the law.  There is no cost to you if we choose to take your case. Our fees would be paid by the lender that repossessed your vehicle.

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