Tulsa Credit Repair

You can retain our law firm to help resolve your credit challenges through a process we call credit prelitigation. Credit prelitigation differs from typical credit repair in the following ways:

Legal Representation
We represent you as your attorney. As your attorney, all documents and calls come to our office which speeds up the communication process and stops the collection calls to you. Creditors / Collectors cannot communicate with you once they know an attorney is involved. Tulsa Credit repair companies cannot pretend to be you nor can they represent themselves as a law firm. We do not send letters to the credit bureaus. Clients can send dispute letters themselves but this usually only provides a short term improvement; if any.

Instead, we contact the creditor’s attorneys or representatives directly to resolve the matter at the source. We view all derogatory line items on a credit report as broken contracts requiring proof, according to the Oklahoma Finance Code, that the debt is owed. If the creditor does not have proof, we try to persuade them to drop all claims against our client and delete the trade line at the credit bureaus. If they do have proof of the contract then we advise the client to settle the debt.

A Better Solution
If you decide to settle our tulsa credit repair firm can negotiate a release on your behalf with the creditor. Depending upon each creditor’s criteria, the credit report will reflect a deletion, paid, or paid for less than agreed status. If the debt re-appears on the credit report our release document allows us to quickly remove it. Our counselors can advise to settlement options, criteria for each of their creditors, and choosing payment options.

We provide monthly status reports upon request detailing the work done by trade line item to you. This helps build good will and avoids any misunderstandings. As a law firm we operate a transparent process and are reportable to our State Bar Association.

Our Pricing
We divide your credit report into three benchmarked levels of service to calculate cost. Pricing is based on individual credit report and level of service requested. Each benchmark can be purchased separately or expedited all at once. Custom pregrade price quotes are provided at no charge, without obligation and available by fax or personal consultation. Our pregrade gives you reasonable expectations including a flat fee, fixed price, and which creditors you will most likely need to settle with. An estimated settlement amounts is given before you begin. We are motivated to get the work done and file closed as fast as possible. We offer flexible payment plans and accept most forms of payment.