Oklahoma Debt Collection Defense Lawyers

Have you been served with a Summons and Petition from a debt collector?

You are not alone.  Thousands of Oklahoma consumers are being sued every month, and there has been a marked increase of garnishment actions.  Sometimes the original creditor of the debt will sell the debt to a professional debt collector.  The lawsuit could have been filed by Love Beal and Nixon, Berman & Rabin, Hood & Stacy, Machol & Johannes, or possibly Rausch Sturm Isreal Enerson & Hornik.  Regardless, you need to get in touch with experienced debt defense lawyers as soon as possible!  We offer a free telephone consultation, so there is no risk for you.

Debt collectors like Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery Associates, National Collegiate Student Loan Trust and Cavalry SPV I file hundreds of lawsuits each month literally banking on the fact Case Dismissedthat most consumers will just ignore the lawsuit, leaving the debt collector with an automatic win, and instantly allowing them to garnish your wages or bank account without further notice to you.    Sometimes the original lender files suit, but often debt is sold, and you may be sued by a junk debt buyer whose name you may not recognize. These debt buyers often do not have the information to prove to the court that they legally purchased the debt, and you may have other defenses available.  They usually dismiss the case without our clients paying them anything if we are hired before the Answer is due.  The following is a list of dismissals obtained where our clients paid the debt buyer nothing, and the case was dismissed.

Recent Case Results:

Debt Collector
Date We Were Hired
Debt Amount
Date Case was DISMISSED
Law Firm
Case Number
Portfolio Recovery Associates3/30/2012$3,744.251/7/2013Rausch SturmCS-2012-503
Portfolio Recovery Associates3/18/2014$15,625.614/1/2013Rausch SturmCJ-2013-360
Portfolio Recovery Associates6/10/2013$1,811.817/11/2013Rausch SturmCS-2013-3190
Velocity Investments, LLC6/30/2014$5,200.008/25/2014Love Beal & NixonCS-2014-2600
Asset Acceptance LLC6/27/2014$2,961.638/11/2014Love Beal & NixonCS-2014-3128
Midland Funding LLC7/8/2014$1,878.258/20/2014Love Beal & NixonCS-2014-3108
Midland Funding LLC7/25/2014$10,652.589/2/2014Love Beal & NixonCJ-2014-1940
Capital One Bank USA, NA6/23/2014$3,599.367/21/2014Love Beal & NixonCS-2014-2628
Midland Funding LLC5/13/2014$4,809.846/10/2014Love Beal & NixonCS-2014-2401
Bureaus Investment Group Portfolio 155/13/2014$2,256.267/2/2014Rausch SturmCS-2014-2170
Cavalry SPV I, LLC8/7/2014$4,595.898/21/2014Rausch SturmCS-2014-4780
Autovest, LLC8/27/2014$19,751.8810/3/2014Love Beal & NixonCJ-2014-141
TD Bank USA NA7/18/2014$11,437.299/2/2014Rausch SturmCJ-2014-1332
Gemini Capital Group, LLC6/23/2014$8,000.0010/6/2014Love Beal & NixonCS-2014-3953
National Collegiate Student Loan Trust10/2/2015$60,395.4710/30/2015Love Beal & NixonCS-2015-102
Unifund CCR, LLC8/6/2015$24,994.0911/3/2015Love, Beal & NixonCJ-2015-1875
Portfolio Recovery Associates8/26/2015$4,191.1811/10/2015Rausch SturmCS-2015-290
Portfolio Recovery Associates5/8/2015$8,024.6111/11/2015Rausch SturmCS-2015-139
Midland Funding LLC3/25/2015$912.0011/9/2015Love, Beal & NixonCS-2015-29
Midland Funding LLC10/21/2015$1,116.9111/16/2015Love, Beal & NixonCS-2015-3608
Midland Funding LLC10/20/2015$1,403.9811/23/2015Love, Beal & NixonCS-2015-1972
Calvary SPV I, LLC11/16/2015$10,169.471/14/2016Love, Beal & NixonCJ-2015-5940
Midland Funding LLC10/20/2015$1,028.611/8/2016Love, Beal & NixonCS-2015-4833
Portfolio Recovery Associates10/30/2015$1,453.811/21/2016Rausch SturmCS-15-25
Midland Funding LLC12/17/2015$849.1212/28/2015Love. Beal & Nixon CS-2015-207
Atlantic Credit and Finance12/14/2015$1,865.301/19/2016Love, Beal & NixonCS-2015-6119
Velocity Investments, LLC1/14/2016$4,112.321/25/2016Love, Beal & NixonCS-2015-7581
Midland Funding LLC12/30/2015$1,961.462/3/2016Love, Beal & NixonCS-2015-2888
Midland Funding LLC6/9/2015$11,069.012/18/2016Love, Beal & NixonCJ-2014-3966
Midland Funding LLC11/19/2015$1,707.412/25/2016Love, Beal & NixonCS-2015-00299
Asset Acceptance LLC9/21/2015$10,027.483/1/2016Love, Beal & NixonCJ-2012-1097
Midland Funding LLC2/25/2016$1,442.383/7/2016Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-464
Calvary SPV I, LLC3/1/2016$6,207.003/15/2016Love, Beal & Nixon
Velocity Investments, LLC1/29/2016$1,975.983/21/2016Love Beal & NixonCS-2015-00239
Portfolio Recovery Associates3/11/2016$6,009.415/25/2016Rausch SturmCS-15-224
Portfolio Recovery Associates3/15/2016$693.725/25/2016Rasuch SturmCS-2016-1080
Portfolio Recovery Associates5/2/2016$9,871.865/25/2016Rausch SturmCS-2016-01621
Portfolio Recovery Associates2/23/2016$907.255/31/2016Rausch SturmCS-2015-7515
Midland Funding LLC9/3/2015$1,308.255/18/2016Love, Beal & NixonCS-2015-251
Atlantic Credit and Finance6/15/16$3,970.956/20/16Love, Beal & NixonCS-2015-05
Portfolio Recovery Associates6/20/16$7,449.00
Portfolio Recovery Associates7/26/16Not listed8/8/16Rausch SturmCS-2016-252
Portfolio Recovery Associates7/6/16$1,930.217/26/16Rausch SturmCS-2016-03039
TD Bank USA, N.A.8/3/16$3,559.328/25/16Rausch SturmCS-2016-3935
Credit Acceptance Corporation10/15$14,362.548/12/16Jones, Gotcher & BoganCJ-2015-2992
Capital One Bank USA, NA1/15/15$6,496.199/1/16Love, Beal & NixonCS-2014-1023
Allgate Financial LLC8/30/16$3,416.419/13/16Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-4591
Synchrony Bank6/5/16$4,998.379/20/16Morgan & AssociatesCS-2016-02419
Midland Funding LLC9/8/16$3,989.679/19/16Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-4666
LVNV Funding LLC9/13/16$1,000.0010/13/16Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-4171
Jefferson Capital Systems9/1/16$8,527.0010/31/16Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-04500
National Collegiate Student Loan Trust7/8/16$27,923.4010/28/16Love, Beal & NixonCJ-2016-44
Midland Funding LLC10/17/16Not listed10/28/16Love, Beal & NixonCJ-2016-00359
Midland Funding LLC10/26/16$3,092.7411/2/16Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-3723
Midland Funding LLC7/7/16$18,011.559/6/16Love, Beal & NixonCJ-2016-00002
Midland Funding LLC10/10/16$1,054.8510/26/16Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-5401
CACH LLC12/12/14$9,457.7610/14/16Scott Lowery, P.C.CS-2014-00271
LVNV Funding LLC10/17/16$1,109.9111/2/16Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-4173
Midland Funding LLC10/19/16$7,671.6210/31/16Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-144
Midland Funding LLC10/19/16$19,359.0111/21/16Love, Beal & NixonCJ-2016-3648
TD Bank11/10/15$5,197.163/17/16Rausch SturmCS-2015-183
Midland Funding LLC11/22/16Not listed12/13/16Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-7332
Portfolio Recovery Associates3/2/16Not listed5/25/16Rausch SturmCS-2016-1082
TD Bank USA10/3/16Not listed1/10/17Rausch SturmCS-2016-6172
Midland Funding LLC10/17/16$11,175.911/18/17Love, Beal & NixonCJ-2016-00068
LVNV Funding LLC11/9/16$1,301.6212/19/2016Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-5605
Barclays Bank12/19/16$3,144.421/27/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-5257
Jefferson Capital Systems9/29/16$1,901.6511/11/16Rausch SturmCS-2016-00104
PCA Acquisitions1/6/17$4,497.161/31/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-7098
Capital One Bank USA, NA7/31/15$2,227.632/9/17Machol & JohannesCS-2015-2886
Velocity Investments, LLC1/10/17$3,385.552/10/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-7451
Midland Funding LLC1/16/17$2,910.462/16/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-7120
Portfolio Recovery Associates12/19/16$2,071.272/21/17Rausch SturmCS-2016-7178
LVNV Funding LLC1/31/17$648.122/24/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-8498
LVNV Funding LLC1/31/17$1,522.582/27/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-201
LVNV Funding LLC2/8/17$655.172/27/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-00045
Midland Funding LLC2/3/17$2,455.612/24/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-389
LVNV Funding LLC2/1/17$1,513.51Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-00018
Midland Funding LLC12/19/16$1,712.662/17/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-00044
Midland Funding LLC2/23/17$1,671.423/21/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-1109
Midland Funding LLC2/9/17$1,630.683/30/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-1131
Midland Funding LLC3/25/17$3,089.144/12/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-1830
National Collegiate Student Loan Trust4/5/17$35,089.255/8/17Love, Beal & NixonCJ-2017-00001
Midland Funding LLC3/7/175/10/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-1245
Midland Funding LLC$2,201.914/24/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-1855
Midland Funding LLC4/17/17$1,365.405/18/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-2676
LVNV Funding LLC2/19/17$755.186/12/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-48
LVNV Funding LLC2/21/17$677.036/12/17Rausch SturmCS-2017-176
LVNV Funding LLC5/10/17$1,174.556/29/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-2806
LVNV Funding LLC4/21/17$629.936/28/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-00102
Midland Funding LLC5/9/17$1,973.176/29/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-00229
National Collegiate Student Loan Trust3/15/17$35,089.255/8/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-00001
Midland Funding LLC7/18/17$1,061.688/21/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-3495
Midland Funding LLC9/22/16$7,213.798/21/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2016-385
Asset Acquisition Group LLC2/1/2017$13,226.873/30/17Barber & BartzCJ-16-197
Midland Funding LLC8/28/17$4,459.009/25/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-282
Jefferson Capital Systems8/29/17$5,151.2710/2/17Lowery Law GroupCS-2017-5916
Unifund CCR, LLC9/5/17no petition listed9/27/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-00434
National Collegiate Student Loan Trust9/1/17no petition listed10/4/17Love, Beal & NixonCJ-2017-549
Jefferson Capital Systems8/29/17$877.3910/12/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-5716
Midland Funding LLC10/9/17no petition listed10/19/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-337
Midland Funding LLC10/13/17$5,767.9811/1/17Love, Beal & NixonCS-2017-7281

If you’ve been sued by Midland Funding, Portfolio Recovery Associates, National Collegiate Student Loan Trust, Velocity Investments, Autovest, Gemini Capital Group, Cavalry SPV I, Bureaus Investment Group, Asset Acceptance, National Collegiate Student Loan Trust or any other debt buyer in Oklahoma, we can help.  We have debt defense lawyers that work in Tulsa County and surrounding counties, including Creek County, Oklahoma County, Osage County, Wagoner County,  Muskogee County, Okmulgee County, Pawnee County, Mayes County, Creek County, and Washington County.

We’ve received numerous dismissals for our clients from third-party junk debt buyers like Midland Funding, Cavalry Portfolio Services, Equable Ascent Financial, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Security Credit Services, Asset Acceptance, Bureaus Investment Group Portfolio, Cavalry SPV I, Precision Recovery Analytics, Capital One Bank, TD Bank USA, LVNV Funding, Unifund CCR, Gemini Capital Group, Cavalry Investments, Marshall Recovery, Velocity Investments, and Jefferson Capital Systems.

That’s all great, but how much does it cost?

Possibly nothing.  When you contact our firm, our debt defense lawyers will thoroughly investigate Whether you could qualify for free legal representation due to an FDCPA violation. If it appears that you have been the victim of unfair debt collection, our firm may be able to defend your lawsuit without charging you anything out of pocket.  Even if there appears to not have been any unfair collection activity, our lawyers will be happy to give you a free consultation regarding your lawsuit.  Many of our clients are surprised at our extremely low rates and very high success rate of getting Love Beal and Nixon and Asset Acceptance lawsuits dismissed!

We offer free consultations but it is very important that you to contact our office as soon as possible after you have been served with a lawsuit.  The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes for us to help you! Unfortunately, we’ve had to decline many cases when the consumer tried to defend the lawsuit on his or her own, after they’ve lost in court.

If you’ve been served, fill out the form below and experienced debt defense lawyers from Paramount Law will contact you about your options!