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Debt Collection Harassment Oklahoma

We Sue Abusive Debt Collectors. We know Oklahoma Debt Collection Laws, including the Oklahoma Fair Debt Collection Act.

It’s the law: debt collectors do not have the right to lower your quality of life with constant, unwanted debt collection calls and scare tactics. That’s why we’re here. Debt Collection harassment is illegal.  The Oklahoma Fair Debt Collection Law provides you with rights!  Paramount Law Consumer Protection Firm can Stop Debt-Collection Harassment – even if you actually owe the money they are trying to collect. We are Debt-Collection Harassment Lawyers.

Congress passed a federal law that debt collectors must follow – The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If a debt collector violates this law, you can sue them for money damages up to $1,000, reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs – all to be paid by the law breaking debt collectors who have threatened, abused and harassed you with Debt Harassment Calls.

Debt Collectors Break the Law if they:

Sue you on a debt that is past the statute of limitations
Call your neighbors or family members and discuss your debt
Use profanity or curse at you
Use abusive language with you such as threats, insults or yelling
Call you multiple times a day, day after day, intending to harass you
Use lies or deception to attempt to collect a debt
Threaten you with arrest or prosecution for a criminal offense
Threaten to garnish your wages without a judgment against you (there are Oklahoma Garnishment Exemptions and Oklahoma Garnishment Limits!)
Call you at your place of employment if they have reason to know they cannot do so
Call you late at night (after 9:00 p.m.) or early in the morning (before 8:00 a.m.)
Call your employer about a debt or threaten to do so

It’s wrong, it is against the law, and if it is happening to you WE CAN HELP STOP ABUSIVE DEBT COLLECTORS.

The Tulsa Oklahoma lawyers at The Paramount Law Consumer Protection Firm represent individuals in cases involving debt collection harassment and debt collection abuse. Maybe a bill collector is calling to collect a debt that you owe, but cannot pay. Perhaps a collector calls you to collect the debt of another person. Maybe you are facing a situation where a creditor calls you, trying to collect a debt that you do not owe. If any of these situations apply to you, call our Debt Collection Harassment Oklahoma Law Firm for a Free Consultation.

The Paramount Law Consumer Protection Firm has the experience you seek in stopping the collector harassment and bringing suits against creditors and debt collectors under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Click the following link to read an Article about how Paramount Law Consumer Protection Firm protects Oklahoma consumers from debt collection abuse.

We Make Debt Collectors Pay Your Damages and Our Attorneys’ Fees and Costs for Breaking The Law.

We are dedicated to giving our best efforts and zealous advocacy to give you back your peace of mind. We will arm you with knowledge about your personal rights and help you receive compensation for the harassment and abuse that you have received from debt collectors who violate both state and federal law as a normal course of their business. We are here to provide this to you – all for no money up front out of your own pocket!

If debt collectors violate your rights by breaking federal law, you can sue the collectors and make them pay you money damages up to $1,000, our reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs. If a bill collector is untruthful, disrespectful, abusive or a collection agency calls you after being told not to do so, you may be entitled to a cash settlement.

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If creditors, debt collectors or bill collectors are calling you and using abusive language, threats, intimidation or are harassing you with multiple calls a day or calling before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m., contact us for a free telephone evaluation of your case.

Free Evaluation: In FDCPA and FCRA cases, our clients do not pay anything up front. The Paramount Law Consumer Protection Firm is only compensated if we are successful in prosecuting your claim or case.

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Our Debt Collection Abuse Attorneys represent individuals across Oklahoma including the cities of Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Stillwater. We stop unlawful debt collection calls and end debt collection harassment!