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Louisiana Robocalls, Telemarketer, and Wrong Number Calls

Louisiana Robocalls, Telemarketer, and Wrong Number Calls

Louisiana Robocalls, Telemarketer and Wrong Number Calls are Illegal in Louisiana.

A Federal law, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) protects consumers from receiving Louisiana Robocalls (auto-dialed or pre-recorded messages) on their cell phone. If companies violate the TCPA, they may have to pay thousands of dollars! This law applies unless the consumer has provided their prior express consent.  You may be familiar with this law as you have likely heard of the do not call list. However, this law also covers spam sent by text message or fax, wrong number calls from debt collectors, as well as soliciting telemarketers.

Often, the most common violators of the TCPA are not legitimate telemarketers. Still, debt collectors that constantly call consumers’ cell phone numbers, without permission, and sometimes even expressly told they are calling the wrong number are also common violators.

Are you experiencing Louisiana Robocalls on your New Cell Phone Number?

When moving it is sometimes necessary to obtain a new local phone number.  However, what happens when the number that you were assigned by your provided was one that was recently canceled by a person receiving a large number of Louisiana robocalls or telemarketer calls?  In that case, you may now be the one to receive all of the Louisiana robocalls that the previous owner was receiving.  The law states that the debt collector is now calling a wrong number. Here’s what you should do:

Have you told the Louisiana Robocalls or Wrong Number caller to Stop Calling and they Won’t?

  1. If you have previously provided your cell phone to a creditor or debt collector and are receiving calls on your cell phone, you can always revoke any prior consent to receiving calls. The best way to do this is via a recorded phone conversation, fax, or certified mail.
  2. Always save your voicemails and have them reviewed by a consumer attorney for potential violations of the TCPA (and other federal laws).
  3. Just because you hear a “live” voice is at the other end of the cellphone, the call still may have been made with an auto-dialer and be more Louisiana robocalls.
  4. If you are beginning to receive Louisiana robocalls, pre-recorded calls, or calls made from an auto-dialer, start keeping a written or screenshot log of the calls and request/save your records from your cell phone provider.
  5. If you are receiving calls on your cell phone for someone else’s debt, you may very likely have a claim under the TCPA. This also includes calls from banks or debt collectors looking for a friend or family member.
  6. If possible avoid giving out your cell phone number as much as possible. Alternatively, if you can afford to do so, maintain two cell phones — one public and one private.

If you are receiving unwanted Louisiana robocalls, telemarketer calls, or wrong number callers after telling them to stop, contact a consumer attorney at Paramount Law today!

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