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Midland Funding $13,000 Case Dismissed!

Midland Funding Lawsuit? Midland Funding LLC recently dismissed its $13,0000.00 lawsuit against a Tulsa consumer after the consumer hired Paramount Law. When the …

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Midland Funding LLC dismisses Tulsa County $5,400 lawsuit

Have you been Sued by Midland Funding LLC? Midland Funding LLC chose to dismiss its lawsuit against a Tulsa consumer rather …

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Midland Funding LLC Dismisses $5,000 Tulsa Lawsuit

On April 17, 2014, Midland Funding LLC, a national debt buyer filed a lawsuit against a consumer in Tulsa County …

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Has a Debt Collector Sued You?

Collection lawsuits can be defeated, especially flimsy debt-buyer lawsuits.   We help people who are harassed by debt collectors.  Debt buyers …

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