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Midland Funding $13,000 Case Dismissed!

Midland Funding $13,000 Case Dismissed!

Midland Funding Lawsuit?Midland Funding Dismissed Tulsa lawsuit

Midland Funding LLC recently dismissed its $13,0000.00 lawsuit against a Tulsa consumer after the consumer hired Paramount Law. When the Tulsa consumer was served with a Summons, she contacted Paramount Law to help her assert her rights.  We got involved and requested information from Midland’s attorneys, Love Beal and Nixon. Midland Funding LLC immediately dismissed the lawsuit.

How do I choose an attorney for a Midland Funding Lawsuit?

If you’ve been recently served with a Summons and Petition by Midland Funding, call us now.  It’s important that you immediately speak with a debt defense attorney to protect your rights and defenses.  There are many attorneys out there, you likely know someone who may be speaking with you now.  However, just as you wouldn’t go see a foot doctor for your sore throat, you shouldn’t see just any lawyer regarding your Midland Funding lawsuit as many attorneys are unfamiliar with how to successfully challenge Midland Funding.

Be sure to ask any attorney that is assisting you:

  1. How many times have they defended a lawsuit filed by Midland Funding?
  2. How many dismissals has the attorney obtained for their clients against Midland Funding?

If the attorney that is assisting you cannot provide you with solid answers to the above questions, look elsewhere for help.  Many attorneys think that the amount of the lawsuit may be small (Midland files lawsuit for as little as $800), that you should immediately call to settle, and pay Midland money to get the suit dismissed.

Our philosophy is a bit different. We make debt buyers like Midland Funding follow the laws of evidence. In order to win its lawsuit, Midland Funding must prove it has the right to collect it. To do this, it must show an unbroken, valid chain of assignment from the original creditor to Midland. To try do this, Midland Funding generally will only provide a bill of sale as their “proof” of the ownership of your account. However, the bill of sale is a generic document that never mentions the debt at issue, and therefore does not prove anything about any account that Midland Funding may have purchases.  Instead, the bill of sale generally refers to an exhibit with the list of accounts sold — which is never attached. At best, Midland Funding may produce a single line printed from a spreadsheet.  Many times, however, they will not even produce that.

If Midland Funding has recently sued you, call our office for a free consultation. Our rates are the lowest in the state for debt defense when we are hired prior to an Answer being due.  If Midland Funding has violated the FDCPA prior to suing you, we may be able to represent you at no charge.


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