$11,000 TD Bank USA Lawsuit Dismissed!

$11,000 TD Bank USA Lawsuit Dismissed!

TD Bank USA Lawsuit – Case Dismissed!

$11,000 Target Bank Card Lawsuit Dismissed After Consumer Hires Paramount Law

$11,000 Target Bank Card Lawsuit Dismissed After Consumer Hires Paramount Law

On April 7, 2014, the debt collection law firm Rausch Sturm Israel Enerson & Hornik filed a case in Tulsa County on behalf of a debt buyer, TD Bank USA, seeking over $11,000 for an old Target Bank credit card. However, when our client was served with the lawsuit, she immediately called the debt defense lawyers at Paramount Law. We got to work, and less than two months later, the Rausch Sturm firm dismissed its TD Bank USA case, without our client paying anything to this debt buyer.

Who Is TD Bank USA?

TD Bank USA claims to be one of the 10 largest banks in the US, but is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank of Toronto, Canada.  In March, 2013, TD Bank USA purchased the receivables of Target National Bank for $5.7 Billion Dollars. TD Bank USA is now the exclusive issuer of the Target-branded Visa and private label credit cards in the US, but it purchased a ton of old “junk” debt from Target, including debt that was too old to enforce with lawsuits, and debt that had no documentation.

Who is Rausch Sturm?

Rausch Sturm Israel Enerson & Hornik is a debt collection law firm with its headquarters located in Brookfield, Wisconsin. It has offices in 13 other states, including an office with a single attorney located in Oklahoma City, and all it does it file debt collection lawsuits.  Despite having only one lawyer filing lawsuits in the entire state of Oklahoma, the Rausch Sturm firm files thousands of debt collection cases in Oklahoma every year, knowing that it won’t have to to much real litigating in court as 90% of consumers who get sued won’t properly contest the lawsuit in time, and they will then get a “win” by “default” in only 35 days from the date of service.  As soon as Rausch Sturm obtains the judgment, they may legally garnish (freeze) consumer’s bank accounts and 25% of your paycheck without any further notice!

Why Do You Need Debt Defense Lawyers on Your Side?

If you’ve been sued by TD Bank USA or Rausch Sturm, the best thing you can do is call the debt defense lawyers at Paramount Law.  Many times these suits involve a relatively “small” amount of money.  Therefore, many good attorneys (ones that you may have even used in the past, but that do not regularly practice in consumer debt defense law) may in fact recommend that you just make a settlement offer to make the lawsuit go away.  However, this is not the advice we will give you.

The debt defense lawyers at Paramount Law know that when debts are sold to a debt buyer, many times the debt buyer does not have the documents to prove they legally purchased the debt.  When our firm gets involved, we request documents that would prove that TD Bank USA or another debt buyer purchased the debt, but instead of providing us with documents, we get a dismissal. Our firm has had many, many lawsuits filed by the Rausch Sturm firm dismissed without our clients having to pay anything to TD Bank USA or Rausch Sturm!

How Much Will it Cost Me?

Possibly nothing.  When you call our firm, our attorneys will ask you questions regarding your experience with TD Bank USA and Rausch Sturm.  If we make a determination that you have been treated unfairly prior to the filing of the lawsuit against you, it is possible that you have been a victim of unfair debt collection practices and you may be entitled to damages under the FDCPA. Violations of the FDCPA often result in our clients being able to hire us without us having to pay us. However, even if we are unable to identify an FDCPA violation, we will still provide you with a free consultation regarding your rights, including pointers on how to properly answer the lawsuit by yourself to prevent a default judgment.  Most of our clients are surprised regarding our low rates, especially when they learn that we currently have a 100% success rate in getting debt collection lawsuits filed by Rausch Sturm dismissed.



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