How to Beat Credit Corp Solutions

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How to Beat Credit Corp Solutions

Triumph Over Two Debt Lawsuits: Your Best Defense Against Credit Corp Solutions

Here at Paramount Law, we believe in the power of advocacy and fighting for justice for our clients, particularly those burdened by debt lawsuits. Recently, we scored two major victories against Credit Corp Solutions, both times leading to the swift dismissal of the lawsuits, without our clients having to pay a penny to this debt collector.

In the first instance, Credit Corp Solutions attempted to pursue a debt that was very likely past the statute of limitations. Our client had a Synchrony Bank account and found himself entangled in a dispute over several charges he didn’t agree with. Unsurprisingly, Synchrony Bank took a heavy-handed approach, piling on exorbitant interest and fees. The communication ceased when the pandemic hit, leaving our client in the dark. Unknown to him, Synchrony Bank offloaded the debt to Credit Corp Solutions who, rather than reaching out to him, filed a lawsuit of just over $2,000. Fortunately, our client turned to us for help. And guess what? Just 14 days after we jumped into the ring, Credit Corp Solutions dismissed the lawsuit. Score one for the good guys!

Our second win involves a similar scenario. When our client found himself jobless, Synchrony Bank showed no mercy, refusing to work with him despite years of loyalty and interest payments. By May 2020, the debt was sold to Credit Corp Solutions, who, instead of making contact, sued our client, thinking he wouldn’t get legal help. They thought wrong. Our client immediately reached out to us. We took swift action, filing an Answer and demanding a full explanation on their acquisition of the debt. Lo and behold, just two weeks later, Credit Corp Solutions also dismissed this case. Victory number two!

In fact, since 2018, we’ve defended at least 13 lawsuits filed by Credit Corp Solutions — every one of them has since been dismissed.

Is Credit Corp Solutions legit?

In the often murky world of debt collection, it’s not unusual for individuals to question the legitimacy of companies that appear to emerge out of the blue, suddenly laying claim to debts. This is a common question when it comes to Credit Corp Solutions, and the answer is yes – Credit Corp Solutions is indeed a legitimate company. However, their approach and practices may lead some to believe otherwise.

Credit Corp Solutions’ business model is straightforward: they buy debts for pennies on the dollar, often without full knowledge of any errors or complications attached to the debts. This lack of insight, however, doesn’t stop them from pursuing aggressive collection tactics.

Their primary strategy often includes filing lawsuits against consumers in the hopes that the individual will not contest it. In the event that a consumer doesn’t fight back, Credit Corp Solutions may obtain a default judgement, allowing them to tack on additional fees, increase interest, and potentially garnish wages or bank accounts. It’s a high-stakes game where the odds are stacked heavily against the uninformed debtor.

However, it’s important to note that being sued by Credit Corp Solutions, or any debt collection agency, is not a no-win situation. Quick and decisive action can tilt the odds back in your favor. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s critical to consult with an attorney who has experience in debt defense lawsuits and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) law.

Paramount Law fights Credit Corp Solutions

These victories underscore the importance of legal assistance when dealing with debt collectors like Credit Corp Solutions. If you’ve been sued by them or any other debt collector, don’t sit in silence. Reach out to us! We have proven success in getting these lawsuits dismissed, saving our clients from unnecessary payments. Call us or use our webform to get in touch. Remember, there’s strength in numbers. And, when you’re facing a Goliath like Credit Corp Solutions, it’s good to have a skilled legal team like Paramount Law in your corner.

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